Public Relations Agency 

Public relations are one of our best communication tools, and this is why we establish a direct and personal contact with our influencers or opinion generators; this is the key to become themselves as a good ambassadors of the brands. These celebrities, instagramers or bloggers are able to add value to brands and amplify the messages they want to highlight. So that, the relationship between these opinion leaders and companies is increasingly important. Betting on the collaboration with these influencers, and try to integrate them into the communication strategy of the brand gives us the possibility of reaching all types


Villarrazo Madrid has also worked with youtubers, instagramers… From our agency, we support the influencers in their current, continuous and almost unstoppable growth. So that they can achieve great notoriety and brands want to count on them to promote their products/ philosophy. The staff that takes part of our public relations team in Madrid work hard in this process. Bringing more traffic to the websites? Promoting sales? Increasing brand awareness? Influencers can do it and, we support them to make that happen.

Thanks to close relationship with influencers, we encourage our clients to count on them in different actions; we also include them in the services that are more related to both – the influencer and the brand – , with the aim of reaching a target audience in the most direct and effective way.


Our advertising and public relations agency has a very close relationship with celebrities, a tool that we squeeze to the fullest. They do not hesitate to come with us when we go to national premieres, parties or red carpets. They are just as satisfied with our work as with our clients’ garments. Caring with love, as they are now our friends, we manage every interview and photo shoot; we also bring them closer to our clients, creating always a positive synergy for everyone.

Parades and presentations

Our public relations office in Madrid organizes the front row of fashion designer Hannibal Laguna parades at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. In addition, we also manage the celebrities who are coming, as well as many of the styles that they will lead to fashion week.