Fashion showroom

Tlhe fashion showroom is another of our most demanded services, as we have stylists and personal shoppers in Madrid who are part of our enthusiastic team. TV hosts such as Mónica Martínez, Isabel Jimenez or Ainhoa ​​Arbizu, singers such as Soraya Arnelas, Dasoul and Lorena Gómez, as well as actors and actresses such as Pepa Aniorte, Eva Isanta, Vanessa Romero or Antonio Zabálburu have been dressed by our closet.

Our professional team, with an extensive experience in the sector, will help you to get the most of your image, either at specific times or continuously. We will create the perfect look, by respecting always your personal and professional style, for any occasion.

Hannibal Laguna, Escada, Mango, Silvia Godino, Massimo Duti, BDBA, Julio Reis, MaríaMare, Roberto Verino, Úrsula Mascaró and Ciclón are some of our collaborating firms. We do a comprehensive fashion consulting in costumes, makeup and hairdressing, either for specific moments or for taking care of your image continuously.

As experts in fashion agency services, we coordinate and carry out fashion productions for magazines and advertising, websites, series, movies and television programs. Mediaset and Atresmedia have relied on our firms to dress the most important celebrities on the national scene in many of their programs.

When we make photo shootings with our firms, we offer a comprehensive service, looking for locations, photographies, styling, makeup and hairdressing, as well as all previous arrangements. You can also hire our services separately.

On the other hand, our fashion showroom in Madrid is a great showcase for all our clients, since we expose to the audience/ our guests the latest collections and trends of fashion and beauty, technology or decoration firms. It is a way for potential customers and media to know by first-hand the product they want to position.